Our Process

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Active Listening

We like to listen and we start with listening carefully to our client’s needs; it’s a non- rushed process because we want all our team to clearly understand and deliver what our clients require.

“Active Listening” means establishing a balance in the dialogue with our clients; we want to listen carefully first, ask relevant questions and truly understand our Client’s needs (Needs Assessment) before we suggest the best options.

When there is not enough time dedicated to attentive listening, this leads to poor communication and misunderstandings.

Active listening is utilized not only during our preliminary conversation/needs assessments with our Clients, but also during all phases of our services:

  • Needs Assessment
  • System Design/Equipment Selection (when required our company can provide this service)
  • Start up/Commissioning/Client Training
  • Maintenance
Team Selection

Once we complete our Client’s Needs Assessment, we select the best Associate for the job. The selected Associate is always a very specialized, well established and competitive Contractor.


We believe that clear, honest, positive and open communication is key for a successful project execution.
Our team is trained and encouraged to maintain this level of communication during the various stages involved in the successful delivery of our projects.

Project Coordination

Once our solution is approved, we schedule the work and assign a Project Manager.
During the execution and commissioning of our jobs, we emphasize good coordination amongst all parties involved.


We build term relationships; proper maintenance of mechanical systems is key for extending the life of the equipment, maintaining good comfort levels and saving energy. Our goal is to keep our Clients satisfied for many years after our installations are completed.

Start Up/Commissioning/Client Training

This is a very important step. Even the best system may under perform if the Client is not given proper information and instruction on how to run and maintain its equipment. We like to dedicate the time required to make sure this is done properly.